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Sierzega Speed Display GR42C

Sierzega Speed Display GR42C

1.995,00 €

Scope of Delivery

  • Speed Display GR42C
  • Software BT-Comm and GRS
  • Detailed Manual
  • Factory defaults to your individual needs
  • Pole Brackets (60 or 76mm)
  • Power supply cable 12V
  • Optional: Variable Pole Clamps
  • Optional: Batteries and Solar Power Supply
  • Optional: more accessories

  • Real, measurable speed reduction
  • Remarkable visibility due to large digit size
  • Integrated data recording
  • Speed and time controlled activation
  • Includes user-friendly software

Learn more about Speed Displays

The GR42C is able to show speeds driven in red, yellow and green. Due to its large digit size it's highly visible even at longer distances. Its large frontplate is perfectly suited for individual pictures, logos or text.


  • Red, Yellow and Green Full Colour display
  • Selectable: Flashes if speed threshold is exceeded
  • Selectable: Minimum and maximum speed threshold
  • Time controlled activation
  • Automatic brightness regulation
  • High contrast due to unique display construction
  • Robust Lexan front window with anti-glare coating
  • Data collection for more than 400,000 speed records
  • Bluetooth for display setup and data downloads
  • Measurement of the supply voltage
  • Deep discharge protection for batteries
  • Easy one man installation
  • User friendly control software for Android and Windows
  • Unique value for money

It is a fact that radar-driven speed displays slow down traffic permanently.

This positive effect can be attributed to the display's ability to alert drivers with responsive messages wherever the device is deployed (school zones, Kindergarten, zebra crossings or on busy roads in residential areas).

The GR42C is able to show speeds driven using a very large digit size which is an additional benefit to common speed displays.

Additionally, the GR42C offers time triggered activation. For example, the device can be configured differently during school time and the rest of the day.

All these features are put into a compact and sturdy enclosure.
Electrical Data
Input Voltage: 12 V
Stand-by (Radar on, LEDs off): < 0.1 W (!)
Display Active (speed value): < 1 W
Peak (all LEDs active): 5 W

Radar Sensor
Operating Frequency: K-Band (24 GHz)
Transmitting Power: 5 mW
Certification: FCC, IC, CE approved
Operating Speed: 2 ... 199 km/h / 2 ... 150 mph
Detection Range [Metric]: min. 100 m, avg. 200 m, HGV avg. 300 m
Detection Range [Imperial]: min. 330 ft, avg. 660 ft, HGV avg 990 ft
Accuracy: ±3 %

Brand: High-Performance Osram LEDs "Black Series"
Colour: Red, Green and Yellow (mixed colour)
Life Span: Long Lifetime and Reliability
Main Emmission Angle: 30° Lense
Viewing Angle: > 120°

Digit Size: 44 cm / 17 in
Reading distance: approx. 200 m / 650 ft
Readability: Unique contrast due to Special Design
Update Rate: approx. 1 sec, adjustable
Brightness Regulation: Automatic
Picture Remory: 250 Bitmaps

Mechanical Data
Dimensions: 125 x 83 x 4.5 cm / 50 x 33 x 2 in
Weight: approx. 14.5 kg / 32 lbs
Enclosure: Aluminium
Front Plate Sheeting: Reflective white/yellow, black with red/white stripes or special sheeting
Protection Degree: IP66
Front Pane: Makrolon, Anti-Glare Coating
Operating Temperature: -25 °C to 60 °C / -13 °F to 140 °F

BT-Comm is used to connect to any Sierzega device in order to configure it and download traffic data.

GRS is used to process, analyse and display traffic data for Speed Displays.

This detailed manual includes information about setting up the device, connecting and configuring the device and analysing traffic data.

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