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Sierzega Bicycle Counter SR6-Bike

Sierzega Bicycle Counter SR6-Bike

2.438,00 €

Scope of Delivery

  • Traffic Counter SR6
  • Enclosure
  • GSM/GPRS Data Transmission
  • Access to the Sierzega Online Portal
  • Configuration Software BT-Comm
  • Pole Brackets (60mm)
  • Optional: Variable Pole Clamps
  • Optional: Batteries and Solar Power Supply
  • Optional: more accessories

  • Highly accurate bicycle detection using the latest FMCW radar sensors
  • Bi-Directional counting
  • Online device monitoring
  • Temperature sensor
  • GPS localisation

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The Sierzega Bicycle Counter SR6-Bike is based on the latest FMCW radar technology and thus the perfect solution for accurate bicycle detection. Unlike other methods of counting traffic (tubes, loops and manual counting) our devices provide genuine traffic data using non-intrusive counting.


  • Highly accurate, traffic detection using the latest FMCW radar sensors
  • Records date, time, speed, direction and the gap between vehicles
  • Bi-Directional counting
  • Quick calibration
  • GPS-Position visible on the map
  • Access to the Sierzega Online Portal
  • Online device monitoring
  • Large internal memory for more than 430,000 vehicles
  • Android and Windows App
  • Measurement of the supply voltage
  • Deep discharge protection for batteries
  • Low energy consumption

A mobile traffic detection device to the highest quality standards! The SR6-Bike combines easy and quick mounting at the roadside with the highest accuracy level on data collection. Encrypted data transmission and evaluation using the Sierzega Online Portal

Due to its energy-saving operation the SR6-Bike can be supplied with power using batteries, Solar Power or continuous current. The mounting height is variable between 1 and 5 meters (3 to 15 foot).

Traffic data is stored in the Sierzega database using GPRS data transmission, allowing device monitoring 24 hours a day

Technical Specification

Electrical Data
Input Voltage: 6V
Power Consumption - Low Power Design!
< 0.5 W (!)

Radar Sensor
Operating Frequency: K-Band (24 GHz)
Transmitting Power: 5 mW
Certification: FCC, IC, CE approved
Operating Speed: 2 ... 199 km/h or 2 ... 150 mph
Accuracy: ±3 %

Mechanical Data
Dimensions [Metric]: 30 x 20 x 15 cm
Dimensions [Imperial]: 12 x 8 x 6 in
Weight: approx. 3 kg / 6.6 lbs
Enclosure: Glass Fibre reinforced Plastics
Protectiong degree: IP66
Operating temperature: -25° to 60°C / -13 °F to 140°F

BT-Comm is used to connect to any Sierzega device in order to configure it and download traffic data.

SRA is used to process, analyse and display traffic data for Sierzega Traffic Counters.

This detailed manual includes information about setting up the device, connecting and configuring the device and analysing traffic data.

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