About Us

Sierzega Headquarters in Thening, Austria.
We develop, build and ship our products from this location.


We strive to stay technology leader and offer the most accurate solutions possible.

That's why we welcome every opportunity to compare our products to those of our competitors.

Sierzega production

The story of Sierzega started over 30 years ago. After hundreds of hours of creating and discarding ideas, planning and building prototypes, the first Sierzega product had been finished by our CEO and founder Robert Sierzega.

Ever since, thanks to the hard work of management and employees, the company has evolved to an incredible level. Various patents and innovative concepts created entirely new product ranges.

Our products are created with a special focus on durability and longevity. Every component is assembled in-house and passes multiple quality checks during this process. The most advanced production machines available on the market check e.g. position, orientation, identification as well as soldering of components smaller than the pin of a needle.

Today, we continue to expand our product range and reinvent ourselves in the next generation of Sierzega Traffic Safety Devices. Stay in touch with us, we've got exciting news coming up!

Our Team

  • Robert SierzegaFounder & CEO
  • Karin SierzegaPurchase
  • Martin BaranowskiSales Germany
  • Sylvia SchaubSales Germany
  • Anna RothInternational Sales
  • Bernd IrouschekInternational Sales
  • Manfred LeichtfriedSales Austria
  • Mehran SharifiProduction Engineer
  • Bianca CarpProduction
  • Karsten SchubertProduction
  • Vivien SztrakaProduction
  • Rosemarie FürederProduction
  • Jelena GnjaticFacility Management
  • Paula SierzegaSocial Media
Sierzega Leadership in Austria

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