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What is it?

Sierzega Online Platform

The Sierzega Online Platform enables remote management of all settings as well as storage and analysis of traffic data collected by Sierzega Speed Displays equipped with the Sierzega Remote Control Unit RC1.

Any Internet browser can be used to login and manage the device, check traffic data and get reports using a secure connection.

Change device settings from the office and access your traffic data! Anywhere around the world - 24/7.



Here's an illustration of how the system works:

Sierzega Online Traffic Database flow



Exactly how does work?

Sierzega Online Traffic Database

The website lists your Radar Speed Displays and shows information on current settings, location of the device, battery voltage, temperature, number of records and average speed.

A simple click on a device lets you configure settings such as speed limits, displayed images and different settings for a certain time of day, weekday or date.

Additionally, the collected traffic data can be analysed using several filter options, statistics and meaningful charts.

The Sierzega Remote Control Unit RC1 periodically transmits the changes made to the device settings and stores all recorded data on the webserver.

Your traffic data can be accessed 24 hours a day. You simply need a username and password to login to the Sierzega Online Platform with any PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

The Sierzega Online Platform is perfect for anyone who wants to manage his devices while saving time and money by having full access and control from the office.


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