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What is it?

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All software solutions are developed by Sierzega and are therefore perfectly suited to the particular product. The applications are designed for intuitive use while providing detailed, in-depth information and are available for Windows and Android systems.



There are two types of Sierzega software:

Sierzega Classic Speed Displays

Data Transfer Solutions

Sierzega Classic Speed Displays

Analysing and Evaluation Solutions




Data Transfer Software Solutions

Sierzega Software BT-Comm

Sierzega BT-Comm is used to connect to any Sierzega device using Bluetooth, configure them and transfer data. It has been developed for Windows systems. After installing the software on a Laptop, Tablet or PC with an integrated Bluetooth adapter you can remotely connect to any Sierzega device within 10 meters (33 feet). Depending on what type of device you connect to, different options will be available.

Connecting to a Sierzega Speed Display allows you to set speed thresholds, select pictures, define timezones, download traffic data, up- and download settings, create your own pictures and configure various settings.

Connecting to a Sierzega Traffic Detection Device allows you to read the status, giving you information about the device type, number of data stored and battery voltage, set date and time, speed thresholds, activate bi-directional recording and upload settings.

The Sierzega App STerminal has been developed for Android smartphones. It offers the same range of functions as BT-Comm and allows for a very convenient way to transfer data and send it directly to the office using E-Mail.


Offline Analysing and Evaluation Software

Sierzega Software SRA

The software Sierzega SRA has been developed for Sierzega Traffic Detection Devices. It offers a wide range of options to filter traffic data using time, date, speed, vehicle classification, gap between vehicles and direction, analyse data using professional statistics and evaluation using meaningful charts.

Sierzega GRS is used for Sierzega Speed Displays. It provides options to filter traffic data using time, date and speed, analyse data using basic statistics and evaluate data using meaningful charts.


The Sierzega Software solutions above are included.

For our Online Software Solutions head over to the Sierzega Online Platform GR.net.

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