Radar Speed Displays

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What is it?

Sierzega GR42C Radar Speed SignSierzega GR33S Radar Speed SignSierzega GR33CL Radar Speed Display SmileySierzega GR33C Vehicle Activated SignSierzega GR33L Mobile Radar Speed Sign.jpgThe classic radar-based LED Speed Displays aim to influence driver behavior by showing them their speeds driven. It's an efficient way to reduce speed by 15-18% and increase traffic safety. Different speeds can be displayed in different colours, pictures of kids on the front plate and various LED-pictures like Smileys create even more awareness.


Sierzega SP2368C Speed Information DisplaySierzega Speedpacer 4568C Radar Speed Sign SmileySierzega SP4568SQ Radar Speed Display SignSierzega SP4568C Radar Speed Display SignSierzega SP2368S Driver Feedback SignThe Speedpacer Displays offer a tight-knit grid of LEDs to display larger, more complex text and digits as well as a large front plate for digitally printed pictures to deliver a clear message to the driver and show the importance of situational awareness.


Sierzega Full Matrix Variable Message Display GR4590Sierzega GR4545 Matrix Radar Variable Message DisplaySierzega GR4545 Variable Radar Speed DisplaySierzega GR4545 Variable Message SignThe Matrix Displays allow for large LED-pictures to be displayed in great resolution. It's designed to be used as a radar-triggered variable message sign, that displays a wide range of road signs as well as a Speed Display. By setting different speed and time thresholds, you can select what appears at a certain time of the day.


How does it work?

It has been proven to affect the driver in different ways: The main aspect is giving the driver feedback on his own speed, to which most react by taking their foot off the accelerator if they are too fast. Social control is another aspect, which relies on the fact that other people can observe the drivers speed. Due to the fact that Speed Displays are not used to fine drivers but to educate them, there is a high acceptance for such signs within the population. Compared to conventional road signs there is no accustoming effect because the flashing LEDs do not allow for the brain to get used to the sign.

All in all, Speed Displays are a great way to visibly increase safety of school zones, playschools, cross-walks, busy city limit entry roads and premises.

Remote Configuration

All Sierzega Speed Displays can conveniently be configured as well as recorded traffic data received from the office in combination with the Remote Control Device RC1. Using a Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop with Bluetooth you can remotely connect to the devices from within 10 meters (33 feet). There is a wide range of settings available including 4 different speed thresholds, 5 different time zones, in which the Speed Display can be configured seperately, alternating between speed and pictures, uploading custom pictures and many more.

All Apps and software required to configure the Speeds Displays are included and free.

Data collection

Every Sierzega Speed Display comes with integrated data recording, the only exception being the most basic version Sierzega GR33L.
The device accurately collects more than 200,000 speed records as well as the approximate amount of cars, which helps you understand the traffic situation better. Keep in mind that the speeds recorded are already about 15-18% lower due to the effect of the Speed Display. If you need accurate, unbiased traffic data including vehicle classification, please take a look at our Traffic Counters.

The software to analyse and evaluate the collected traffic data using meaningful charts is included.

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