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Speedpacer 4568S / C

Speedpacer SP4568S / C 1319000

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Sierzega Speed Displays slow down traffic

Reduce Speed

The clear indication of the speed is effective for almost all drivers, calms traffic and sets a clear signal for road safety.

Speed Displays draw attention to danger spots

Get Attention

Speed Displays draw attention to danger spots such as schools, pedestrian crossings, kindergartens and city limits.

Speed Displays collect anonymous data

Deliver Facts

The integrated, anonymous data collection provides facts about date, time and speed, which can be conveniently presented in diagram form.

The Speedpacer SP4568S dialogue display shows speed, symbols and text in orange, while the SP4568C displays the traffic light colors red, yellow and green depending on the speed driven. Both models come with integrated data acquisition and evaluation.

The Speedpacer 4568 combines the advantages of dialogue display and speed display: the aluminum front panel offers a great deal of creative freedom for individual design or customer motifs, while the high-resolution LED display displays arbitrary symbols and text with a character height of up to 45 cm.

As with all Sierzega Speed Displays, the Android App STerminal and the evaluation software GRS are included in the price.

Example: The Speedpacer SP4568C with standard settings

  • Up to 200 km/h :: Red & sad Smiley
  • Up to 55 km/h :: Yellow & speed limit
  • Up to 50 km/h :: Green & Smiley
  • Below 20 km/h :: Display off

All settings can be conveniently and easily configured with the in-house Android Smartphone App STerminal.

Speed Display with Smiley Speedpacer SP4568C

We are happy to deliver your Speed Display with the desired presets.

Speed limit:
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Sierzega Smiley

Free choice of symbols

Data memory

Data memory for over 200,000 measured values

Time control

Time-dependent programming

Quality control

Strict quality controls for every single display

Low energy consumption

Low power consumption

Power Supply and Installation: Keeping it simple

Our experience of the past 25 years has shown, that almost all customers are satisfied with one of the following accessory solutions:

  • Solar
  • Street Lighting
  • Mains Power
  • Battery

Of course, we also offer tailor-made solutions for unusual needs. Just call or write an e-mail.

Sierzega TÜV Certified
Sierzega CE Certified
Sierzega ISO9001 Certified
Sierzega FCC Certified
Sierzega IC Certified
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Android App STerminal

User-friendly Android Smartphone App for speed display configuration and data transmission.

Sierzega BT-Comm v2.0

BT-Comm is used to connect to any Sierzega device in order to configure it and download traffic data.

Sierzega GRS 5.2

GRS is used to process, analyse and display traffic data for Speed Displays.

Sierzega Speed Display Manual

This detailed manual includes information about setting up the device, connecting and configuring the device and analysing traffic data.

  • Speedpacer SP4568S or SP4568C
  • Android App Sierzega STerminal
  • Evaluation Software GRS
  • Power Cable 12V
  • Pipe Clamp 60mm (when ordering without accessories)

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