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Variable Pole Clamp VG2L

Variable Pole Clamp VG2L
249,00 €
Used in combination with Radar Speed Displays

The variable pole clamp VG2L combines 3 functions:

  • Lockable storage space for batteries, charger, solar controller or Remote Control RC2
  • Easy one-man mounting on masts with a diameter of 60mm to 180mm
  • Suspension for the Radar Speed Display

The variable pole clamp VG2L was developed with the idea to enable an easy one-man assembly. With a weight of 2.5 kg, one hand is sufficient for fixing while the other one is tightening four screws (with back plate) or tensioning the steel band. Attach the speed indicator, connect the power supply and close it with the padlock - that's it.

  • Variable pole clamp VG2L made of robust ASA plastic
  • Burgwächter padlock with 2 keys
  • 3 pcs adhesive base for wiring
  • 1 pc M8x50 screw with nut

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