Radar Speed Signs

Road safety education with a smile

Radar Speed Sign GR33CL with smiley face

Reliable. Sustainable. Effective.

Radar Speed Signs reduce the speed and set a clear signal for road safety. In contrast to conventional signs, flashing LEDs reduce the habituation effect to a minimum. It works that simple:

• Warning

Draw attention to the essentials: the current speed, the road traffic and the associated dangers.

• Social control

Every road user can see how fast they are driving. This automatically creates the need to adjust the speed.

• Reward

Drivers who adhere to the speed limit will be rewarded with the smiley. This incentive is often enough to take the foot off the gas.

The speed display can be easily installed by one person - connect the power supply and off you go: ▶️

Extremely effective speed display from Sierzega. The drivers are motivated to stay in the "green zone".

Marcus Kraner
Coca Cola European Partners


Reduce Speed

The indication of the speed, which is visible to all road users, has an effect on almost all drivers, calms traffic and sends a clear signal for road safety.

Gain Attention

Radar Speed Signs shake drivers out of their daily grind and draw their attention to danger spots such as schools, pedestrian crossings, kindergartens or town entrances.

Deliver facts

"People drive way too fast here!" Have you heard that before? The integrated, anonymous data collection provides facts about the date, time and speed, which can be conveniently presented in diagram form.

Praise and blame: Sustainable traffic education - grateful residents


Tailor made Radar Sensor

The in-house radar sensor, which is specially developed and produced for Radar Speed Signs, ensures precise measurement results.

Smiley & Symbols

In addition to the speed, symbols such as smileys, warning signs or speed limits can also be displayed.

Data Collection

The integrated data memory for over 200,000 measured values collects anonymous data on time, date and speed.

Flexible Design

Free choice in the design of the front panel with high-quality foils and digital printing.

Robust Housing

Whether in the north of Finland or in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula: the housing made of ASA plastic or aluminium withstands even extreme conditions.

Energy Saving

Low energy consumption thanks to efficient design for long battery runtimes. Ideal for use as a mobile Radar Speed Sign.

Smartphone App

All Radar Speed Signs can be operated with the user-friendly Sierzega app STerminal. Available free of charge in the Google Play Store.

Evaluation Software

The collected data can be easily evaluated with GRS-Online and conveniently presented in diagram form. Free of charge for all Sierzega customers.

Cloud Ready

Optional: access to all speed display functions and data from the office or on the road with the Sierzega Remote Control RC2.

Customised Radar Speed Signs for every application

Radar Speed Sign GR33L Radar Speed Indicator GR33C Radar Speed Sign Speedpacer SP4568C Radar Speed Display GR4545 Radar Speed Indicator Speedpacer SP2368C Radar Speed Display Speedpacer SP4568C

Make road traffic safer - for all road users.

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