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What is it?

Sierzega Traffic CounterSierzega Traffic CounterSierzega Traffic CounterSierzega Traffic CounterSierzega Traffic CounterThe Sierzega Traffic Detection Devices use radar technology for non-intrusive vehicle detection. A side-fire radar sensor covers the road, detects traffic bi-directionally and collects more than 860,000 records of date, time, length, speed, direction and the gap between vehicles.

Accuracy and quality of information is on the same level or higher compared to other methods of traffic detection like Inductive Loops, Pneumatic Road Tubes, Piezoelectric sensors or manual counting.

Radar-based traffic counters allow for unbiased traffic detection and vehicle classification without the need for any construction work or interruption of the flow of traffic. The device can be mounted within minutes and can easily be moved to another location by a single person. Power is supplied by batteries (lasts up to 16 days), solar power or direct power connection.


There are three different types of Sierzega Traffic Detection Devices:

Sierzega Classic Speed Displays

In a box

Sierzega Classic Speed Displays

In a delineator post

Sierzega Classic Speed Displays

Bicycle Counter



Remote Configuration

All Sierzega Traffic Detection Devices can be configured using a Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop with Bluetooth. You can remotely connect to the device from within 10 meters (33 feet).
The Apps and software required to configure the Traffic Counters are included and free.

Data collection

The device stores more than 860,000 records on its integrated memory and provides the data needed for in-depth analysis and evaluation of the traffic situation. The data records consist of date, time, vehicle length, speed, direction and the gap between vehicles, which allows for accurate vehicle classification. The transferred data is encrypted and the original file cannot be modified to ensure data-integrity.

Using the Sierzega SRA Software, the collected data can be stored, analysed and evaluated using filters and meaningful charts and is included in the scope of delivery.


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Sierzega Speed Display in Finnland

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